Through the 18 years of dedicated delivery of custom engineered software based on client requirements and the ever changing nature of technology platforms and applications, Dataflow has acquired some exceptional expertise in the management of IT Partnerships, extensive understanding of Different Industry requirements, and has attracted a talent pool of some of the most resourceful professionals in their areas of specialty

These traits, through proper project management processes, have provided an IT power engine that can be outsourced to most industries providing major opportunities and possibilities for our clients. Some of these opportunities are regarded as strategic business decisions while others are seen as tactical moves.

Strategic Business Decisions  

  • Corporate Focus and Growth
The demands of the business world today, stretch beyond the horizons of delivering a quality product. It requires a major focus on client requirements, client relations, industry trends and changes, and keeping updated with the latest technology. To stay focused and competitive many companies outsource their operational issues.

  • Access to Specialized Capabilities
The specialized capabilities available at Dataflow through the level of experience, specialty and diversity of professionals, each in their related fields provides grounds for superior deliverability for our clients. By outsourcing to Dataflow, companies can free up their existing resources for more vital functions.

Tactical Moves

  • Cost Reduction
Outsourcing has proven to be a major contributor to cost reduction. Cutting down on administrative, human capital and production cost has driven companies to shifting their IT Support and Software Development related overheads over to Dataflow.

  • Time Reduction
Outsourcing offers significant reduction of development time which is considered a competitive edge in our present day. It helps in overcoming the hiring gap for IT professionals as well as issues in availability of resources in a particular field or a requirement in a particular skill.

  • Quality Assurance
The development process and quality management system used by Dataflow on projects outsourced to us can also be tested and validated by the client company, thereby providing a higher level of quality assurance.

Dataflow, through outsourcing has adopted the business culture of partnering with its clients, thereby becoming an extension of their organization. Dataflow provides the following outsourcing Activities and Professional Services.


  • Partnership with Microsoft for SharePoint solutions
  • Localization services
  • Multimedia development/Graphic Design
  • e-Learning
  • Portal development
  • e-Billing/e-Commerce platform

Professional Services

  • Project Management
  • Business Processes Automation