Dataflow provides a Postpaid Billing System and a Prepaid Recharge System.

Postpaid Billing System MobiFlow

MobiFlow, Dataflow’s postpaid billing system, is tailored for small to mid-sized GSM operators who are looking for a complete and efficient solution that is affordable and scalable to their growing business.

Dataflow has integrated in MobiFlow all operational and technical GSM related features to provide a full package suitable for all daily processes of a GSM network operator.

MobiFlow is the combination of two separate modules BillFlow and CollectFlow.

BillFlow handles all billing aspects of the GSM operations including but not limited to:

  • Full Customer Care administration
  • Products, services & packaging
  • SIM
  • Provisioning
  • Rating
  • Billing
  • Payment
  • Credit control
  • Roaming
  • IN integration for revenue assurance
CollectFlow, located on a mediation server, serves:

  • CDR collection
  • CDR filtering & conversion
  • Provisioning management
  • Processes control

Prepaid Recharge System

Dataflow’s automated and distributed recharging system provides GSM operators with a competitive advantage through increased subscriber recharging opportunities while maintaining:

  • High level of security
  • Straightforward manageability
  • Efficiency     
  • Low Cost Operations

 The solution mainly features:

  • Multi Agents remote recharging facilities
  • Full IVR Multi Language System
  • Recharges Units and VAS (SMS, GPRS, WAP, etc.)
  • SMS Confirmation Notifications
  • Provisioning (GSM, ICC, Coupons)
  • Complete Customer Care module
  • Automated Fraud Detection/Management System
  • Automated Problem Detection and Resolution
  • Secure Platform & Enhanced Logging Features
  • Marketing and Financial Intelligence
The benefits of Dataflow’s prepaid recharging solution are:

  • Low cost competitive system
  • Full Prepaid services features
  • Multi-Language enabled (Including Arabic)
  • Distributed and Remote Recharging Facility
  • Faster turnaround time for recharges for “happier subscribers”
  • Enhanced Security and Logging
  • Middle East based Support Services
The particularity of our system resides in the reload of Credit Units in the SIM prepaid counter used by the GSM Advice of Charge feature, enabling a direct reading of remaining units on the mobile screen of the subscriber. Credit Units are updated either by writing directly into the SIM Card through a card reader/writer available at a POS recharging center or by sending an Over The Air (OTA) Message which will update the SIM Card.