Golden Grain to Implement Dataflow Commodity Trade Solution

With almost a year of development of its commodities trading management solution specialized for Brokers in Commodities, Dataflow announced the launch of its first version of Commodity Trade Flow (CTF). Among the first businesses to implement CTF was Golden Grain, a commodities brokerage specialized in linking relative value trading.

With numerous offered specialized financial solutions handling corporate accounting, banking transactions, and financial portfolio management, CTF comes as an addition to the Dataflow family. Financial solutions are second nature to Dataflow, however, this addition has allowed it to venture into a very unique new niche thus fulfilling another market need.

"Although we are still launching our first version of CTF, we have undergone intensive analysis to provide a complete solution," commented Mr. Michel George, Managing Partner at Dataflow.

"We have technically engineered it with a vision to welcome any future requirements that may be requested by our Clients," added George. CTF, is an enterprise solution for managing purchase and sales, logistics, hedging and accounting for Commodity Trading Brokers. It is a comprehensive software solution that assists companies who trade agricultural and soft commodities in managing physical and financial transactions.

A key component that led Golden Grain to introduce CTF to handle its different aspects of the commodities market was the enhanced trader productivity with streamlined processes and automation of manual tasks. Another aspect was the constantly moving and changing nature of the market, which creates the need for superior dependability.

CTF comes as reinforcement to Golden Grain’s commitment of continuous growth, evolution and adaption towards their clients. "By building upon our edge and diligence, we constantly raise the bar and strive to surpass expectations." A statement regularly shared by Mr. Firas Badra Chairman and CEO of Golden Grain.