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Dataflow provides a scalable tool for Financial Institutions and Private Banks to manage the trading operations of their customers focusing on portfolio management, reporting, and broker reconciliation. MarketFlow features include:

  • Management of Securities such as shares, bonds, treasury bills, options, futures, forex, and structured notes.
  • Operations including buy, sell, orders, security in/out, dividend, split, maturity redemption, trigger redemption.
  • Consolidation of operations in one or many portfolios categorized according to various criteria such as broker in charge, geographic location, and investment sector.
  • Calculation of the overall/detailed risk factor of a customer prior to the execution of any transaction.
  • Automatic split & dividend distribution.
  • Portfolio reevaluation and consolidation. The customer portfolio(s) and risk factor can be reevaluated on real-time by retrieving last quotations on the spot.
  • Reporting including portfolio evaluation summary, portfolio diversification, consolidated statement of account, realized and unrealized profit & loss, risk & margin analysis, and credit & debit balances.
  • Handling multi-currency / multiple portfolio and multiple accounts.
  • Integrated with BankFlow, a banking back office solution.

Through MarketFlow, customers are supplied with a web portal for viewing and accessing their portfolio summaries, statement of accounts, and net asset value.


Designed for the banking system, this software handles all of the back-office operations including general ledger, customer accounts, daily transaction, loan repayment calculation and interest payments schedules.

BankFlow is the perfect complementary product to MarketFlow as they integrate smoothly, producing an overall consolidated position for the customer from one side and all financial figures to the company from the other side.

Plugged in to MarketFlow, BankFlow enhances the customer’s return on investment by integrating in their P&L the cost of exchange operations and/or refinancing costs.