about dataflow

Our Identity

Dataflow is a leading Software developer and System Integrator delivering IT solutions to the MENA region and beyond. Since inception in 1993, its main aim has been to provide customized solutions and unique products and services that bring true value to its client’s daily operations. The founders’ initial commitment was to develop software that met the following criteria.

  • Increased productivity
  • Enhanced performance
  • Reduced costs
  • Provided greater flexibility
  • Delivered better business outcomes

Today these criteria have become the pillars of Dataflow’s corporate identity. Backed by our expertise, industry knowledge, experience, and a commitment to developing real solutions, they have resulted in a range of offerings for different industries. Some of these industries are listed below.

  • Banking and Finance
  • Telecommunication
  • Retail and Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Spa and Health Center

Our Strengths

Dataflow started out as a Custom Software Development company catering to the requirements of Lebanese Small and Medium sized Enterprises. Through the years, it has grown to four areas of operation, each with local and international experience and recognition. While each area operates independently the diverse skills and talents of our employees is utilized across the entire organization. Today we continue to service the needs of SMEs along with those of Large Enterprises and Governmental Authorities, across our various target markets.

Custom Software Development
Dataflow offers custom development of solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Thorough planning of these solutions takes place to ensure that the scope and both functional and non-functional requirements of the proposed application/system conforms to your expectations. We have developed applications for organizations across a variety of sectors including education, advertising, retail, insurance and brokerage, health and leisure, and entertainment.

Software Solutions
Dataflow has developed a range of products for Banking and Finance, Spa and Health Club, Telecommunications, and Enterprise Resource Planning.  With ERP, we have provided a Retail & Distribution Solution as well as Sales Force Automation.

Outsourcing is Dataflow’s largest division offering Localization, Internationalization, Digitization and Multimedia services. It provides clients with the advantage of substantial cost reduction with access to a large talent pool.

Consultancy and Project Management
Professional project management is a fundamental tenet in all development projects carried out by Dataflow. Our wealth of experience in Project Management coupled with our expertise in technology has allowed us to venture into offering Consultancy and Project Management services to our clients, which have contributed significantly to their success.

The People

Dataflow employs a team of highly qualified professionals working to meet the specific needs of our clients in both local and regional markets. The team consists of the following professionals:

  • Business Analysts
  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers
  • Graphic Designers and Animators
  • Marketeers

The Dataflow Team is experienced in a variety of technologies and computer languages, giving us the advantage to compete in a dynamic market where one technology does not fit the needs of all clients.

Led by a highly committed and highly qualified management team, Dataflow is made up of 74 professionals, each with a passion for his profession. Jean-Loup Khayat and Michel George are the co-founders. Collectively, Mr. Khayat and Mr. George accelerated Dataflow’s growth through their wealth of knowledge, experience and know-how in the industries of software and mobile development services.

Meet The Founders

Managing Partner & Co-founder: Mr. Jean-Loup Khayat
Mr. Khayat, a Computer and Electrical Engineer graduate from Purdue University, has extensive experience with large projects. After spending six years at Cray Research, he co-founded Dataflow in 1993, with Mr. George as a software development company and continues his role as managing partner for the company today.

Managing Partner & Co-founder: Mr. Michel George
Mr. George, an Electro-Mechanical Civil Engineer graduate from Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB – Belgium), had extensive experience in software development at Istisharat developing and managing their banking software, and at their subsidiary in Paris, Infoel as a technico-commercial engineer for the banking division. He co-founded Dataflow in 1993, with Mr. Khayat, and is presently managing partner of Dataflow as well as the CEO of Société Générale Financière du Liban.

Our Projects

The following are some examples of the diverse range of projects that the team at Dataflow have worked on:

Development of Dataflow Core Financial Systems
Design and implementation of Dataflow standard core system and financial packages

  • The outcome of this project was the deliverables of a full ERP system that integrates an inventory stock control system, an accounting system, fixed assets, payroll, analytical cost control, production and finance systems.
  • Today, this system is installed in more than 100 companies in different industries

Design and Implementation of a Full Prepaid System to LibanCell
The system includes an IVR module, a customer care module, a multi-recharging platform (using SMS, WEB, ATM, IVR and Point of Sales), a logging system and more.

  • Deep understanding of GSM, WAP, GPRS, SMS was required for this project.
  • Smart card readers/writers were used for Smart Card internal registry manipulation.
  • New OTA (Over the Air) Short messages (SMS) techniques were used that enabled Smart Card management through special SMS sent to mobile phones.
  • More than 700,000 subscribers were using the system.
  • This project also included integration to mobile operators billing system and development of a Fraud Detection System.
  • This system was later standardized with additional support of both Arabic and Armenian and was recently installed for Karabakh Telecom in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Mobile Internet Services
Design and implementation of a Web/Mobile portal that includes SMS notifications

  • This portal allows Lebanese mobile holders to access a variety of services through their mobiles using WAP through GPRS.
  • The Services include a Web/Mobile e-mail system with SMS notification, a movie reservation system, an auction site, a mobile banking system, a portfolio management system, a real time quotes ticker, news and alerts, horoscope, guides (hotels, restaurants, yellow pages), lottery results, and more.
  • In May 2001, this project received the Microsoft award for “Best Mobility Solution partner of the year” for the Middle-East.

Wireless Sales Force Automation
Design and implementation of a wireless sales force automation system using PDAs over GPRS network

  • This system allows real-time order taking for salesmen on the road accessing their Intranet database on the fly.
  • The system uses Windows CE compatible devices along with SQL-CE. Clients using such systems are saving millions of dollars avoiding double data entry, error checking, and real time vision on the enterprise’s stock availability.

EU Consultant to the Council of Development and Reconstruction (CDR)    
Appointed by the EU as the IT consultant for the CDR.

  • Responsibilities included providing assistance and supervisory for the delivery of a new information system deployed by Microsoft/Dataflow.
  • Part of this assignment included the development of ICT Policies and Procedures for the CDR as well as assistance in the development of various RFPs and Technical Specifications.

Microsoft Consultant for e-Government Strategy Development in Rwanda
Development of a strategy for 2005-2010 for the Government of Rwanda which uses ICT to increase public sector efficiency, provide better access to public services, and improved economic governance.

Deliverables included an integrated ICT-led Socio-Economic Development Policy and Plan for Rwanda for 2005 – 2010, that addressed:
  • Priority sectors of government citizen services and private sector enhancement via government service provision.
  • Specific plans for sub-sectors including estimated overall cost per activity
  • Expected development outcome and monitorable objectives
  • Implementation plan

HMH/Dataflow Project Management for E-learning Technologies
Arabic Localization of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (formerly Riverdeep) e-learning products including the Edmark series, Destination Math and Destination Learning Management System.
  • Dataflow dedicated a team of 40 people to deliver localized K-12 math/sciences courses to Saudi Arabia and Libya
  • Development of an Educational Portal for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt installed in 30 schools in India
  • Development of Government e-Portal and e-Learning courses for 15,000 Schools on behalf of the Ministry of Education, Libya.
  • Localization of JAWS software for blind and low vision individuals

Development of the Al-Charaeh Project
Supervision, design and implementation of Al-Charaeh project
  • Al-Charaeh is a CD-Rom holding 82 years of the “Lebanese Gazette” that contains all laws and decrees issued from the Lebanese government. It is a software package sold to the Lebanese parliament, to most of the Lebanese Ministries and to the private sector clients (mainly lawyers).
  • The CD contains 160,000 PDF Arabic documents along with an Arabic search engine to find and retrieve requested information. The Database holds more than 1,500,000 keywords.
  • A team of 14 persons was responsible for the data entry and the indexing of the database along with three programmers who worked on the development of the software that included compression, encryption, Arabic support and database manipulation.